A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party

First birthdays are such a special occasion – they are a celebration that we’ve made it through one of the most challenging, meaningful, and memorable 12 months of our lives! We loved the jungle theme this one year old’s parents chose for his big day! It was the perfect way to celebrate on a warm summer day in the back yard of a beautiful home. We chose a color palette that included shades of green with plenty of animal print accents!

We brought in our boxwood walls to provide a backdrop for the guest of honor’s throne.

These 3’ walls provide a consistent background for photos and emphasized the jungle theme of the party.

We love the way a backdrop like this has the ability to take your event styling to the next level! Even if you don’t hire a professional photographer, backdrops like our boxwood wall can help to make any photo memorable!

We carried the theme throughout the party with these animal print balloon bursts, which we hung up on each of the patio columns. This summer day was gorgeous and sunny so guests were able to enjoy all parts of the backyard, and we wanted to make sure to keep the styling consistent. Small touches like these are what really elevates an event!

We created this massive 14’ balloon garland to drape around the boxwood backdrop. The chrome balloons make such a statement and provided just the right amount of elegance, while the lime green and animal print balloons add a bit of fun that you’d expect at at one year old’s birthday party! And as you expect, no birthday party is complete without an extra large metallic number balloon! Mom and baby’s outfits not only matched the jungle theme but also matched each other which we loved seeing!

A pool is often a focal point of the backyard and although pools can be beautiful and scenic, they can also distract from the theme. How to combat that? Floating pool balloons, of course! These sweet jungle animals added visual interest and continuity to the party – and how can you not smile when you look at them?!

The days may be long but the years are short, and we believe in celebrating whenever possible.