Briana and woman taking a photo together at Balloon Wonderland

Balloon Wonderland

“Close your business for 2 weeks during your busiest month of the year…you must be crazy!” What if we told you, you could “Give Kids the World”...

Balloon Wonderland

We believe in giving back.  This fact is woven into the moral fiber of our company.  We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Something greater than us as a collective.  Getting a chance to be a part of Balloon Wonderland not only fulfilled that mission, but we could not have imagined the impact it would have on all of our lives.

Owners, Briana Silvio and Rudy Branchinelli, along with Lead Designer Loryn Fletcher and Asst. Lead Designer Sara Herbst were chosen as part of a talented team of international balloon professionals tasked with creating a gigantic, immersive balloon creation with Qualatex balloons in Orlando, Florida, all in aid of the charity “Give Kids the World”.

In being part of this event, one of the largest, most unique balloon projects ever conceptualized, The Elevated Impressions Team (aka “The Core 4”) and their teammates utilized their skills to create several fantastical themed areas such as Toyland, Dinosaur Land, The Enchanted Woods, and Under the Sea in an area of nearly 30,000 sq. ft, with displays towering as high as 24ft in height.

Briana and Sara, vivaciously stomped in Dinosaur Land, while Rudy and Loryn dazzled in the whimsy of The Enchanted Woods.  Briana and Loryn were even elected with the distinguished honor of being Assistant Captains to their respective teams.

The gang worked tirelessly, alongside 350 other ballooners, twisters, set designers, and other experts in their fields to create an immersive experience you would not only have to see to believe, but NEED TO, because it was absolutely incredible.  Breathtaking.  TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!  Words can hardly do it justice.

Since 1986, Give Kids The World Village has welcomed more than 177,000 families from all 50 states and 76 countries. Providing week-long, cost-free wish vacations to critically ill children and their families from around the world at their 89-acre, not-for-profit resort in Central Florida.

During this transformative week at Give Kids the World, wish-families laugh, play, and can be together away from the reality of the life-threatening illness and the obstacle course littered with doctor appointments, painful treatments, overwhelming expenses, and endless worry. A chance for families to capture precious moments.  It is a magical week of “YES” where wish kids experience the simple joys of childhood. They can even get ice cream 24 hours a day!

“What an amazing event Balloon Wonderland is. Briana and the Team were a part of creating many iconic pieces at Give Kids the World Village in a gigantic balloon display, all in support of Give Kids the World. Demonstrating how the joy of balloons can also make a difference in the lives of so many people.”

Stuart’s vision was to recreate the Give Kids the World Village with balloons. Sounds wild…wait and see!

At the end of all the sweat, tears, ear fatigue (blow machines non-stop!), re-designs, ladder climbs, lift rides (we got to see Loryn 30 ft in the air!), the payoff was seeing the Children. At the grand opening ceremonies, Alumni Children and their families were invited to a VIP Ribbon Cutting ceremony were greeted by “Q” the Qualatex Balloon mascot, and “Mayor Clayton” the distinguished Bunny-Mayor of the Give Kids the World Village. Along with a massive balloon-drop to kick things off. They even got to see a Pomeranian driving a Ferrari with sunglasses on and a Starbucks cup at his side – pure magic at every turn. As the smiling faces entered the great hall, the feeling of excitement and astonishment was palpable. The children laughed and screamed with delight at the recreation we all worked tirelessly on. They stopped to enjoy every morsel, every nook and crevice, adorned in ultra-detail. Fairies, dinosaurs, larger than life ice cream and candy, a life size pirate ship, waterfall cascades, lady bugs, gnomes, castle walls, the list of well-thought out elements and details could go on forever. The kids were captivated and in total bliss.

After hours of enjoyment, the kids were treated to a dance party fueled by an endless offering of real candies and treats. The designer’s too got a shindig of their own to close out the festivities. There, an awards ceremony took place  and our Lead Designer (aka Chief Amazement Officer) Loryn was presented graciously with her CBA certification. That’s right, Elevated Impressions is proud to present the newest member of the Certified Balloon Artist alliance, Ms. Loryn Fletcher (woop woop!).  She worked her tail off and finished her test in record time (true story, the fastest EVER!)

We danced the night away in true celebratory fashion with our new-found friends and cohorts. Friendships and  networking beyond business; we have made some true pals for life!

The experience has changed our lives forever. Being a part of something on such a grand scale, seeing your own hands create something that feels as close to magic as possible. It has refocused us, recharged us, and given us a new mission to cast that same kind of magic on to our own work here on Cape Cod.  Wait and See….

Balloon Wonderland 360 Walkthrough