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Become an Elevated Ambassador!

How Do I Become an
Elevated Ambassador?

What does it take to become an Elevated Ambassador? It’s simple! All you need to do is bring in any balloon that you find to our studio located in Sandwich, Massachusetts. They can be found in a tree, in the water, in bushes and so much more. Most likely the balloon you find will be popped and somewhere where it clearly does not belong. With parents permission, safely take that balloon and bring it on in! You will put that balloon right into our receptical to be disposed of the correct way. Once disposed of you get to ring the Captain’s Bell and your initiation will begin.

Elevated Impressions Elevated Ambassador Logo

When you bring in your first balloon you will automatically become a member of our Elevated Ambassador Program. We will go over how to properly throw balloons away as well as learn about our “Dont let go” motto. You will then be given a very special, limited edition E.J. Artistry Earth pin to signify your involvement in making the world a cleaner place (one balloon at time!). You will also receive a punch card to keep track of how times you have brought balloons into our studio. Each punch = one visit. The more balloons you find, the more you can stop in, and the more you stop in, the better the prizes get! So keep those eyes peeled whether it be at the beach, on a boat, at a playground, or even around your own neighborhood! We want all those balloons picked up!!!

Silver Tier

Elevated Ambassador
5 Punches Gets You
  • Free Bag of Sunshine!
  • Free Earth Orb Balloon With Weight and Bunches on Balloon and Base!

Gold Tier

Elevated Ambassador
10 Punches Gets You
  • An Elevated Impressions Elevated Ambassador T-Shirt!

Platinum Tier

Elevated Ambassador
15 Punches Gets You
  • An Elevated Impressions Elevated Ambassador Hoodie!

Diamond Tier

Elevated Ambassador
20 Punches Gets You
  • A Party Thrown for You by the Elevated Impressions Team!
Elevated Impressions Become a Elevated Ambassador
Elevated Impressions Become an Elevated Ambassador
Elevated Impressions Save the Earth Initiative

One more thing to be on the lookout for is our Elevated Ambassador anniversary next year. We will be hosting something very special for anyone who has become a Diamond level Ambassador with us. You are not going to want to miss this!