Halloween Balloon Arch and BOO Lights curated by Elevated Impressions

Ghosts, Goblins, & Ghouls; Oh My!

Ghosts, Goblins, & Ghouls; Oh My!

Halloween is upon us!  This is one of our absolute favorite times of the year here at Elevated Impressions.  The balloon and décor industries were practically invented for the festivities surrounding this holiday and time of year.  Some of our most beloved designs and themed decorations are born of the mysteries surrounding All Hallow’s Eve.  It can be fun, it can be cute, it can be spooky, it can be scary.  Whatever your preferred way to play is, we can elevate the celebration!

Our “FALL” and “BOO” Marquees have become a perennial hit.  So much so, we have client’s booking them a year in advance!  The witch’s cauldron and jack o’ lantern designs have become staple items for our customers too!

The beautiful part of the fall time; beside the crisp, cool air, return of our favorite winter sports, and the start of the holiday season, is just the natural beauty & colors of nature we find here on Cape Cod.  The spellbinding New England backdrop is a sight to behold in Fall & one we do not take for granted just because we live here.  We draw inspiration from it!  We love to incorporate the Orange, Yellows, and Browns we see on trees as much as we adore mixing different hues of purple and black for Halloween.  

The harvest is bountiful!

We like to trick, we like to treat and most of all we like to celebrate with you and your families.

Whether you’re a candy corn fan or not (a hot topic of discussion) – we have a ‘vibe” to fit your families get-together.  The EI team believes you are never too old to dress up or get sick from eating too much candy.  It’s all part of what it means to celebrate the fun Halloween season.

So how do you like to celebrate?  Do you walk the familiar streets in your neighborhood with your candy bag open?  Do you enjoy heading up to Salem or Boston and mixing it up among the witches and warlocks?  Do you sit inside by a fire watching “Hocus Pocus” picking caramel apples from your teeth?  For us, we love it all!  

So before it’s time to ‘give thanks” or ‘write your wishlist,’ be sure not to let this vibrant, exciting holiday pass you by!  

This one was MADE for celebrating!