Holiday Cheer!

As the 2020 holiday season approached we knew we had to show up. And when Elevated Impressions shows up, we show up BIG. There are a lot of “what ifs” surrounding the holidays and we’ve heard from a lot of people it’s “just not the same” as other years. And maybe that’s true. It might not look exactly the same as holidays we’ve had in the past, but this doesn’t mean we can’t find something to celebrate! With that in mind, we were determined to spread holiday cheer like confetti this year. We threw it up in the air in the hopes that our feelings of joy, gratitude, and wonder would cover our community when they needed it most. Our hope was for just one day or maybe even just one hour, we made sure this holiday was just as magical as the ones before.

First stop on the holiday express? Bringing the Elf on the Shelf out of your closets, storage bins and attics in the most fantastic way possible. The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition centered around helpful elves who fly to the North Pole each night to report to Santa to tell him about each day’s activities – when children are well behaved, the elves are sure to tell Santa! Parents find fun ways to hide the elf around the house, and most elves find themselves getting into some kind of holiday mischief throughout the season!

We figured there is no better way for an elf to make an entrance than in a personalized balloon, straight from the North Pole!

We started with a beautiful Christmas present, composed of eight chrome green balloons, tied with a chrome gold balloon bow. Each elf was then placed on a fluffy bed of crinkle snow and confetti, inside an extra large clear balloon. Finally, we added a few red and white balloons for accents, and finished with a bright red “Special Delivery From the North Pole” foil balloon. This red balloon was customized with each child’s name so they would know this package was just for them!

We hand delivered each of the elves (over 50 in all!) and we were exhausted! But, we were just warming up!

The Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA enlisted us to create a photo backdrop for their Carolers and Cocoa event. We used hundreds of chrome gold, starfire red and emerald green balloons in this stunning focal point as well as installed fun accents like these candy canes around the property. The Chatham Bars Inn property is absolutely stunning, and this event was beautiful and festive for all who attended!

Our final stop on the 2020 Holiday Tour was at the other end of the Cape, Mashpee Commons in Mashpee, MA. Mashpee Commons wanted to find a festive way to allow children to visit Santa, while remaining safe and socially distant. So they tasked us with creating an EPIC Santa’s Workshop – and we knew we couldn’t disappoint.

We created a winter wonderland inside! We started with a red and white balloon arch that perfectly framed the magnificent Christmas Tree outdoors. We hung giant foil balloon ornaments in the windows, surrounded with snow and glittering white birch trees and hung giant gold starbursts from the ceiling! We also created one of our largest backdrops to date. This 8 x 8 stunner created the perfect focal point for the guest of honor – Santa! We used a traditional color-way of starfire red, emerald green and chrome gold balloons, but also worked in some surprises like these adorable gingerbread men, peppermints and candy canes. What a treat!

The end result was jaw dropping! We hope we succeeded in making this event, as well as this holiday season, special for the members of our community, young and old.