Spring Is in the Air!

Can you smell it? Certainly, you can see it! This is when Cape Cod really shines! Rolling into the seasons of sunnier days & more reasons to celebrate. And of course, getting to go outside! It really gets our little minds working on all the cool, exciting, & interactive ideas we can conjure up for you guys, at the Elevated Impressions studio. If you haven’t had the chance to visit us in our new Sandwich studio, we strongly suggest you come check it out! We’ve been open a little over a month & the support, outpouring of love, & beautiful sense of community from you guys has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s amazing what a little “spreading your wings” can do. We have come a long way from the days in the basement!
This has opened a new world of possibilities, not just for ourselves & your guys’ creations; but for exciting, fun, hands-on events taking place at our studio. Our very first in-house event, The Easter Interactive Balloon Experience, has been absolutely incredible! Watching the joy on people’s faces, both young & old, makes all the balloon inflating (over 2,500 of them!) totally worth it! Families & friends were able to enter a safe, sanitary environment with each other & completely immerse themselves in a wonderland of blue skies & pastel flowers, pose for pictures in a family-sized Easter Basket, float with a grand balloon bouquet, & discover the Easter Bunny’s secret garden! Children were able to roll with giant Easter egg balloons (some as big as them!), embark on a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt & if they were lucky, got to unlock the hidden magic of the Easter Bunny’s Golden Egg for a special prize! Yes, all this was going on right in our studio. It has been an absolute treat for us & everyone involved!
Outside the studio, we will be focused on doing our part for both our community & the Earth alike. Starting on Earth Day, April 22nd we will be launching our “Environmental Ambassador” program, which focuses on encouraging the community (especially kids!) to pitch-in & help keep Cape Cod’s beaches & oceans free of balloon debris. It is a call to action to pick up any mylar balloons you may see out & about, on the beaches, floating in the ocean, or even just the one’s leftover from their little sister’s Birthday party. We encourage everyone to bring them into the studio & deposit them in our balloon waste depot. They’ll get to ring the Captain’s bell in honor of their contribution & will be rewarded with free balloons for their work & assistance in keeping the planet clean. The Elevated Impressions Team also has plans to take field trips with the balloon waste depot. It is on wheels & completely portable! As well, if you’d like to have us come out for an organized beach clean-up, schools, businesses, whomever may need our help; Please call on us, as it is something we’d love to have the opportunity to help you organize.
These are exciting times to say the least! Such a feeling of healing & well-being is filling the world right now. Having the opportunity to be outside again and to feel safe & healthy around the people we love. Because as you know, we believe “Life is for Celebrating!” Keep loving this planet & each other & we will all get to enjoy it together as we always have.