Vibe Curation: Summit of Love

What’s done in love, is done well

When Katie Grimes asked us to curate the vibe at the Summit of Love, a one day retreat geared at empowering women to learn how to follow their heart and live a life they LOVE, we knew right away that WE. WERE. HERE. FOR. IT.

Katie, creator of the Summit, expressed that she wanted to create a vibe that appealed to each of the attendee’s senses. At the same time she wanted to make sure to create a space where each guest felt like a safe, valued member of the community.

We set out to curate a vibe that accomplished both these goals. We worked hand in hand with Katie, as well as multiple vendors and stockists to elevate this event to a day that was both meaningful and memorable.

We created a vibe that was not only comfortable, but comforting.

When the attendees entered the venue, we asked them to write down one of their fears and place it into this (totally gorg) rose gold card box. We hung the cards up during the day so the women could see that they weren’t alone, and others shared many of the same fears.

We also created this Uniting Fears Thread interactive. When we sit with our fears, we may feel alone and scared, but when we express and share our fears, we allow ourselves to connect with others who may be feeling the same. We helped attendees visualize this connection by asking them to use the thread in the basket to connect to the fears on the board that applied to them.

We wrapped up the day with messages of hope.  We created this card wall (using envelopes that matched the branding colors of the Summit of Love). Attendees were able to pick up a positive message to remind them to continue their commitment to themselves and to living a life that they love.

We were honored to be a part of such a special event and can’t wait to work with Katie and her team again in the future!

Special thanks to:

The View at Pepperrell Cove, Kittery Point, ME

Fresh Press Portsmouth, NH

Weekender House, Portsmouth, NH